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Trip Away From The North West, Hobbit Style. 

1980’s 55 mm lens, Inexpensive fisheye attachment, and my baby D5100 - made for some interesting shots. More up in the next few days!

Way home from trip - flowers above the Golden Gate.
Grand Canyon Road Trip! Just a sneak peak - should get the rest uploaded this weekend! 
Mr. Errol Flynn - You were truly my first inspiration, rest in peace buddy. 
"In the morning when you finally go,And the nurse runs in with her head hung low,And the cardinal hits the window&#8230;I thought I saw you breathing&#8230;And He takes and He takes and He takes.&#8221;
# this isn&#8217;t much of a photo, it&#8217;s more of an experience. laramie project poster runs. the best part. 
Mother Date
Went walking with the rest of the city, in the rain. Last day of the viaduct, strange occurrences, puddle photos, someone I hadn&#8217;t seen in a long while.